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Created to be unique just for you.


Powered by Chameleon. Groundbreaking technology that molds itself to the user.

Community Driven

Continually adapts to the real-time feedback of the global Internet population.

Private and Secure

Our priority is to keep you safe and private online.

Multiple Platforms

For PC, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS.

Simultaneous protection and propulsion.

Our technology offers you the best protection while simultaneously propelling your Internet use to new levels of speed and convenience.


Time saved


Trackers blocked


Bad content blocked


Advertisement blocked


We're not in the pay of advertising

By completely excluding advertising revenue you can be sure we will never invade your privacy or track your behavior – put simply, there would be no profit in it for us!

As we'll never pass on what you've done online, we have no need ever to save your history.

Lots of companies will tell you they're protecting your privacy, but behind the scenes they keep your history to help advertisers target you.

Improving your online journey, wherever it takes you.

We strive continually to enhance the online experience through the removal of most advertising and meaningless pop-ups, and keeping you clear of dangerous phishing websites.


Over 6 008 046+ users served.

Heart Beat

Genuine feedback from genuine users

Experience tomorrow's web today No more spies, no more lies